Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival

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Mary Valley CountryThe Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival began in Maleny in 1998.

In a setting behind Queensland's glorious Sunshine Coast, one of the best scarecrow festivals around Australia has happened during early spring almost every year since the late 90s.

It now runs from mid September until mid October.
2014: 15th Sept - 17th Oct

Conondale and Kenilworth joined in to the fun the year after its humble beginnings. Since then it has spread down the Mary Valley to include Brooloo, Imbil, Ridgewood, Kandanga, Amamoor, and Dagun.

2014 Winners Announced
Written by Graham Miller   
Winner Traditional category
Childrens Category Winner
Open Category Winner

After some fierce competition and major deliberation, the judging has been completed and the results are in!

Traditional - 1st Place - "Where is the Train?" (KA15) Friends of Amamoor

(Judges comments) A special mention to the "Scary Crow" (KEN01) – a really dark and ominous creation. Love to see where that spends its retirement. Great look and colour. Too hard, though, to go past the Waiting for the Train creation – use of the station as a backdrop and community involvement were great and the multiple crows adds to the impact too.

Children’s - 1st Place - "The Out of Towners" (KA03) – Kandanga State School

(Judges comments) Special mention to the "Tinman" (CON01) – great use of recycled material and simple design made for a great impact. However the Kandanga School entry using an old photo as inspiration was clearly the most deserved. Large, colourful and with a great story and design. Well done!

Open – 1st Place - "Treed" (RID03) – Jane Williams

(Judges comments) Really hard to split "Treed" and "Mrs Potty", (KA04) both full of creativity and recycled material. Loved the concept behind Treed with the dog and the Crow in the tree – a unique design. And the number of pots and the nature of the recycled body of Miss Potty was impressive...but by a whisker – it’s Treed for me!

"Some great crows all over the valley this year, creativity and ingenuity in large supply. If you’re going for a trip make sure you stop in and see Athol (KA07) in Kandanga and The Goddess (KEN09) in Kenilworth to name a few, but every crow deserves a visit. Repay the folks of the valley with a drive through the region, it’s a great way to spend a day." - Rob Blackmore

Winners will be presented with their trophy and prizemoney at the Mary River Festival at Kandanga Recreation Grounds on the 8th November 2014. All town finalists will receive certificates.

Thank you to Rob Blackmore from ABC Sunshine Coast and Jo Joyce from ABC Open for your enthusiasm and support.

To all the entrants, thank you for your participation and willingness to be involved in the Festival.

To our Sponsors:- Kenilworth Hotel, Kandanga Snack Bar, Johanna Designs, The Goddess Emporium, Kandanga Country Club, and Kenilworth Friendly Grocer; thank you very much for your generous support.

The Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival, run under the auspice of Mary Valley Arts Link, continues to inspire arts in the Mary Valley through leadership and collaboration and can boast another successful year of scaring all the crows away in the Valley.

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Suggested Route to see Finalists
Written by Graham Miller   

So you are interested in tracking down some scarecrows and having a scenic day out in the picturesque Mary Valley. Here is a suggested route that will take in the finalists in this year's competition.

We hope you enjoy your journey.

If you are starting from the Sunshine Coast, then here is a plan. Its basically the route we suggested to Rob Blackmore from ABC Coast FM (our celebrity judge).

Go up Bruce Highway to Federal and exit on the Old Bruce Highway. Here you will find:-
RID02 - Federal State School - 40 Middle Creek Rd, Federal - Ridgewood children entry - "Wizard of Oz"

Continue north on the Old Bruce Highway and left at end into Mary Valley Link Rd. Right into Mary Valley Rd. Left into Amamoor (Blackgate Rd). Right in town to station (signed I think). Here you will find:-
KA15 - Amamoor train station - Kandanga traditional entry - "Where's the train"

Continue through town which ends up on the Kandanga-Amamoor Rd. Into Kandanga. The next finalist should be near intersection. Besides the finalist, you will also find several scarecrows in and around town.
KA04 - Kandanga Snack Bar - 50 Main street - Kandanga open entry - "Mrs Potty"

Where's the train - at AmamoorMrs Potty in KandangaKandanga State School's entry

Before checking out the next finalist, you would also enjoy a right hand turn up Kandanga Creek Road to see fine scarecrows that missed out on the finals. After that, head back in direction of Mary Valley Rd to see the Kandanga School Entry.
KA03 - Kandanga State School - 84 Main Street - Kandanga children entry

Travel out to Mary Valley Rd, turn right, and right again into Kandanga-Imbil Rd. You will find Ray Myers Rd near the Durbin Creek crossing.
IM19 - 4 Ray Myers Rd Imbil (off kandanga - imbil rd) - Imbil children entry - "Max's big catch"

Continue into Imbil, there are quite a few 'crows in and around the Imbil township. So feel free to look around a bit here. If yoiu just want to go to the next finalist, then turn left and travel out to Mary Valley Rd. Turn left, Park Lane is on the right a ways up there.
IM04 - 1 Park Lane Imbil - Imbil traditional entry - "Take Time"

Come back to the Imbil turn off (do not take it) and next left is Whelan Rd. It'll be a way down there.
IM01 - 463 Whelan Rd Imbil - Imbil open entry - "Last Resort"

On the way back from this 'crow, although you can turn down Lowe Rd to come through Moy Pocket and back into Kenilworth, as I remember its a bit of a rough dirt road. It might be best to retrace your steps to the Mary Valley Rd and turn left to go to Kenilworth. Once there, you'll find the finalists all in the main street.
KEN01 - Library Bldg, Elizabeth St - Kenilworth traditional entry - "Scary Crow"
KEN04 - 10A Elizabeth street - Kenilworth open entry - "Wonderland"
KEN11 - 10A Elizabeth street - Kenilworth children entry - "the mad hatter"

Note that 10A is up the drive besides the "Top Cafe".

Scary Crow in KenilworthTreed in Ridgewood

After viewing Kenilworth, you can either head south to Conondale to see the "Tinman" or else head out the Eumundi-Kenilworth Rd to Skyring Creek Rd on left. Then right into Cooroy Belli Creek Rd.
RID03 - 1393 Cooroy-Belli Creek Road - Ridgewood open entry - "Treed"

Continue towards Cooroy and turn into Happy Jack Creek Rd on left. Its dirt but in reasonable condition. The next finalist is on the left a ways down here.
RID01 - 192 Happy Jack Creek Rd - Ridgewood traditional entry - "Rotating Roger"

Re-trace your steps to Coory Belli Creek Rd, turn left towards Cooroy and your all done.

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Scarecrow Judging Update
Written by Kaili Parker-Price   

Map helps visitors find elusive scarecrows in Mary Valley Country

Mary Valley residents are using the latest technology to promote the annual Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival, offering a Google map of the valley to help people find scarecrows on a self-drive tour.

The Scarecrow Map is available on the website and highlights the location of all registered scarecrow entries. Simply go to the "View Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival in a larger map" (also linked at the bottom of the scarecrow map), zoom in to include the area you want, and print it from there. Google maps will only print the map and not the surrounding website.

A cluster of 'crows at Amamoor Station waiting for a train, courtesy of the creative hands at Friends of Amamoor.Radio personality Rob Blackmore from ABC Coast FM and sidekick Jo Joyce took the tour of scarecrows this week to judge the winners of the Mary Valley category from finalists in each town. The valley winners will be announced on air, and presented with their prizes at the Mary River Festival on November 8 in Kandanga.

More than 60 scarecrows were eligible for judging, and Amamoor Station made up for a poor showing over the past couple of years with a great entry depicting people waiting for a train, while Kandanga State School used the opportunity to promote its centenary next year.

There is always a rumour or two of scarecrow scullduggery at this time of year, and organisers can confirm that two entries from Kenilworth went walkabout. They were look-alikes of the "minions" in the popular animated movie "Despicable Me" and have since been returned.

Residents and visitors are urged to take a drive into the Mary Valley, from Gympie through to Conondale, to see the scary 'crows for themselves and enjoy the countryside.



  • Noodleman by Conondale Swimming Pool
  • Last Resort by Mila Wynn at Imbil
  • Mrs Potty by Kandanga Snack Bar
  • Wonderland by Carol Miller at Kenilworth
  • Treed by Jane Williams at Ridgewood


  • Take Time by the Greer family at Imbil
  • Where is the Train? by Friends of Amamoor at Amamoor Station
  • Scary Crow by Tony Tomlinson at Kenilworth
  • Rotating Rodger by Victor Hill at Ridgewood


  • Tinman by Leo and Sally Sanderson at Conondale
  • Max's Big Catch by Max Johnson at Imbil
  • Kandanga State School
  • the Mad Hatter by Lily and Kirian Fisher-Greely at Kenilworth
  • Wizard of Oz by Federal State School

So stay tuned for the announcement of the winners. Once Rob has released the names of the best scarecrow in each class, we'll post them here for all to see.

Inquiries to Nicky Watson on 5484 3010.

Last Updated on Friday, 03 October 2014 16:37
Scarecrows arrive in Mary Valley, SEQ
Written by Kaili Parker-Price   

Friendly rivalry as Mary Valley towns welcome scarecrows

Rivalry is growing between towns in the Mary Valley as they vie to display the most scarecrows in the annual festival which opens on Monday.

Athol the Postie
A flurry of registrations in Kandanga has the tiny village leading the race in the Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival, with Imbil not far behind.

The Kandanga Postie - Athol - has become the stuff of local legend and is featured on his Postie bike out the front of the Kandanga Post Office. A poem submitted with his entry describes how he delivers mail through rain, hail and shine, but you can rarely catch him to have a chat, unless you find him at his "other" office - the local pub.

The festival stretches from Dagun to Conondale, and this year there are cash prizes for 'crows judged as Mary Valley champions, which will be presented at the Mary River Festival on November 8.

Pack a picnic or choose a local cafe or hotel for a country lunch, and come "scarecrow spotting" in the Mary Valley between September 15 and October 17.

Witch & Wizard
Organisers will upload a Google map with the locations of scarecrows onto the website and this will help you plan your trip.

Originally built to ward off birds from the farm crops, scarecrows today are usually relegated to the domestic vegetable patch.

The Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival is auspiced by the Mary Valley Artslink organisation, which aims to promote the growth of the arts as a viable industry within the Mary Valley by providing a framework for artists to build projects. It is affiliated with Artslink Queensland.

Inquiries to Mrs Watson on 5484 3010 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Options for children's entries
Written by Graham Miller   

Child Protection Option 2014


This year, entries by children have the option of not having their address published on the website. The judges will have your address, so fear not dear 'crow-smiths as your 'crow will still be in the running for a prize.

If necessary, with approval from your local school, scarecrows may be judged and viewed in the school grounds.

You can also request the removal of the address of your child's scarecrow entry from previous years.

If you would like further information please contact your town coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 September 2014 16:37
How to Enter 2014
Written by Graham Miller   

How to enter the 2014 Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival

If you want to be in the running for awards and prize money in this year’s festival, then you need to register your scarecrow. If not, you can just build your scarecrow and display it for fun. No one will harass you for that. The more scarecrows, the merrier.

You can register your 'crow through a registration centre (below) or on this website. Registration will put you in the running for prizes of $100 each for Traditional and Open categories, and $50 for Children's category.

We would like registrations to be submitted before the 12th of September 2014.

  • Conondale / Crystal Waters Registration Centre - Conondale Shop
    Contact: Wendy Shalley (07) 5494 4516
  • Kenilworth Registration Centre - Kenilworth Information Centre
    Contact: (07) 5446 0122
    Kathy Mullins 0458 047 272
  • Carters Ridge/Ridgewood Registration Centre
    Contact: Victor & Helga (07) 54479288
  • Brooloo / Imbil Registration Centre - Mary Valley Traders (Hardware Store)
    93 Yabba Rd, Imbil
    Contact: Jo Robey (07) 5484 5178
  • Kandanga / Amamoor / Dagun Registration Centre - Kandanga Information Centre
    Contact: (07) 5488 4605
    Nicky Watson (07) 5484 3010
    Lyn Hughes 0409 382 868

Scarecrows must be on display by 15th September 2014 ready for the town judges

The towns that enter the competition will judge their local scarecrows from the 16th Sept to the 19th September, and present 1 finalist in each category to the valley wide judging which will happen between the 20th and 25th September 2014. The Mary Valley awards will be presented to the winners at the Mary River Festival in Kandanga on the 8th November 2014.

Registered scarecrows will be:-

  • Entered in one of 3 categories; Traditional, Open, or Children’s.

  • Displayed on a Google Map (with photo if supplied).

  • Added to the 2014 pages of the web site with photo & lyric if supplied.

What to do:

  1. Plan what scarecrow you are going to build.
  2. Choose the location for your scarecrow. It will be quite acceptable, and even recommended, for several scarecrows to be grouped in a good viewing location.
  3. Register your scarecrow with a centre or town contact close to where you live. Forms are available from each town or cut out the form from a recent edition of the Mary Valley Voice. Otherwise, use the entry form on this website.
  4. Receive your laminated registration number to display on your scarecrow.
  5. You can optionally write a poem, limerick, or some short story that adds to the character of your scarecrow. Just think about what you want people to think about your scarecrow and attach it to your ’crow.
  6. Have your scarecrow in place by the 15th September 2014 and place your registration number on the scarecrow.
  7. If you are able, take up to 3 photos of the scarecrow in its place to show off your unique design and send them to your registration centre, or submit them using the online form on the right hand side of this website. We would suggest you stand back a bit and take one from the best angle to take in the surrounding scene. Then get closer and take one from the front and perhaps the side. The registration number must be visible in one of the photos.

Good luck and have fun.

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